Minotaure on the Beach,   Hélène Barrier

Minotaure on the Beach, Hélène Barrier


about us / Um tímaritið

Iceview Magazine is a nonprofit, bilingual literary and art (print!) publication based in Iceland. We publish biannual collections of creative writing, critical inquiry, and visual art concerning travel, tourism, geographies, and movement.

Being based in the north of Iceland, we strive to reach as wide an audience as possible and bridge the gap between art makers and art lovers alike; the content in each issue is therefore published in both English and Icelandic and distributed widely to bookstores and artist residencies throughout the country.

Our online component, TI Online, is an electronic extension of our printed material  and accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. In addition to reproducing ICEVIEW's printed content, TI Online focuses more heavily on video art, film, sound art—and all other mediums that are better suited by a digital platform. 

concept & history / Áherslur

Iceview Magazine began in 2015 with the desire to close (or at least narrow) the language and cultural gaps between residents and visitors of Iceland. Drawing inspiration from the many artists who pass through Iceland’s artist residencies—and artists who travel for the sake of their work in general—our mission soon became to investigate the motivations behind travel, migration, and expatriation as they relate to art-making and creativity.

While the content we publish is situated within these themes, it also provides commentary on the changing terrain of tourism and explores lines of inquiry such as:

In what ways have perceptions of the foreign shifted due to the ease with which we’re now able to experience it?

To what degree are the cultural and environmental assets of different countries fetishized and exploited within tourism?

Iceview strives to publish work that not necessarily answers these questions, but rather meditates on the implications of leisure travel at large, acknowledging it as an act that both ruptures and changes the equilibrium of communities, cities, and nations for better and worse.

Above all, Iceview is keen on publishing thoughtful, meditative, reflective, and investigative art, literature, and creative inquiry. We consider fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, scholarship, and visual art inspired by (but not by any means limited to) Iceland. See our submissions page for more information.

For any and all inquiries, drop us a line at editor@theiceview.com


Iceview Magazine is published by nList—a nonprofit publisher investigating the intersection between science and art. We are supported in part by Samtök Sveitarfélaga á Norðurlandi vestra and made possible with the help of our partners and curious readers like you.