Minotaure on the Beach, Hélène Barrier

Minotaure on the Beach, Hélène Barrier


ICEVIEW is an independent, nonprofit journal of literature and art that publishes the best in creative writing, critical inquiry, and visual art concerning travel, geographies, and movement. 

Drawing inspiration from artists who travel for the sake of their work, our mission is to investigate the motivations for travel as they relate to art-making. ICEVIEW is particularly curious about how external environment shapes a community's internal landscape, as well as notions of identity and belonging within remote, isolated places. 

ICEVIEW is a bilingual publication, printing in both English and Icelandic biannually. Being based in the north of Iceland, we strive to reach as wide an audience as possible and bridge the gap between art makers and art lovers alike; each issue is distributed widely to artist residencies, libraries, and all art and writing programs within universities throughout Iceland. 

TI Online is an electronic extension of our printed material, though more heavily focuses on video art, film, sound art — and all other mediums that are better suited by a digital platform.



Editor: KT Browne

Managing Editor: Magnús Örn Stefánsson

Assistant Editor: Katharina Schneider

Translation: Ástrós Elísdóttir, Kristinn Árnason

Graphic Design: Jónbjörn Finnbogason

Guest Editors: Garrett Hayes, Claire Paugam, Kathleen Scott, Tosca Teran, Rachel Eng, Lucie Mandeville, Dana Neilson, Mitch Whiles

Partners: NES Listamiðstöð, Textílsetur Íslands, Þekkingarsetur, Guðrún Benjamínsdóttir, Ellen Mjöll Ronaldsdóttir


ICEVIEW is supported in part by the Regional Development Fund of Northwest Iceland and published by nList—a nonprofit publisher investigating the intersection between science and art.