Yearly Subscription (2017)

Yearly Subscription (2017)


ICEVIEW is a biannual print publication. With a 2017 subscription, you will receive a copy of Volumes 1 & 2 as they are published. 



When will I receive Volume 1? Upon ordering, or ASAP

When will I receive Volume 2? November 2017.

What about subsequent ICEIVEW issues? 3 and 4? 5 and 6? Our subscriptions are managed on a yearly basis. You will be sent an email reminder to renew your subscription in 2018.


***For Icelandic customers: You may purchase your subscription through direct bank transfer if you prefer. Email with your name and shipping address. See details below***

Nafn: nList, félagasamtök

Reikningsnúmer: 0161-26-000138

Kennitala: 540916-0710

4.000 kr per yearly subscription