Attempting the Embrace n°27 // Claire Paugam


Attempting the Embrace n°27 is a video which attempts to create poetic ways to feel and communicate with the landscape of Skagaströnd, Norðurland vestra. Through these attempts, a dialogue is formed with a landscape that can be dominant, overwhelming, and yet also extremely accessible to the body—stones can be touched, the grass, or the wind is felt. The landscape is thus simultaneously confronted and merged with an individual's being. 

Stills from  Attempting the Embrace n°27, 2016.

Stills from Attempting the Embrace n°27, 2016.

Attempting the Embrace n°27 has no beginning no ending. It should be seen as a loop projected on a white ceramic screen.

Shot in Skagaströnd, Iceland, September 2016

Blue sky in a vast glorious landscape.
In the honor of the devastated intestines
Washed out through the determined stream.

My precious stone rolling in my hand
Does nothing but keeping me alive. 

The tongue of all memories
Did not fail at the magnificent dominance of its own movement.
Waves of glittering transparent escaping texture
Spread all over my precious stone, humid. 
Don't rain
Vibrations inside my breath.

Our possessive kingdom has decided for us. 
Fatality as a way to be. 





[ visual art ]


Claire Paugam is a French multidisciplinary and nomadic artist (born 1991), working with intuition as a tool of investigation and analogy as a creative process. Claire spent the last two years in Iceland and recently graduated from the MFA program at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. She is now on her way to another volcanic island, Reunion Island (East coast of Africa). Throughout her poetic research, she considers human body as landscape and landscape as human body. Among others, Claire Paugam has exhibited at the 5th International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow (2016), curated by Nadim Samman. Her graduation piece exhibited at Gerðarsafn Art museum of Kópavogur and was featured in Kastljós program on RÚV (June 2016).


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